Natural fabric with ebony (Makrua) dyeing

Lanna Brown offers elegant ebony dyed color in 3 kinds of natural fabric. That are, silk, cotton & linen.

Silk & Thai silk

Thai silk fabric Thai silk fabric zoom Lanna Brown is proud to recommend elegant silver gray, brown and natural black of Thai silk to enhance wearer's peaceful happiness of body & mind. Especially our original hand spun silk fabric which offers rich texture & elegant color.


Cotton fabric Cotton fabric zoom Lanna Brown offers both fabric dyed cotton and hand woven cotton done from yarn dyed. Cotton, as one of the most famous natural fabric in casual style, even become more exclusive appearance in ebony color.

Hand woven cotton

Cotton hand wooven Cotton hand wooven zoom Lanna Brown is also proud to present our hand spun & hand woven cotton done in traditional way. The process starts from hand-spun yarn dyeing before going to the hand woven process. Our original local planted cotton offers special luxury soft with rich texture that creates unforgettable experience to natural-love wearer.

Linen & hemp

Hemp fabric Hemp fabric zoom Ebony dyeing creates fascinating brown & dark brown for linen and hemp. The photos show rich texture of hand woven hemp in roll. This hemp is great for bag making.

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